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ArcSoft Video Downloader is an application for downloading video files
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ArcSoft Video Downloader is an application for downloading video files from the Internet.
For downloading video files, the user visits any of the video sharing web sites on the Internet (YouTube, Google Video, MySpace, etc.) and selects the video file (s)he wants to capture and download to the local disk drive.
By clicking on the "Download" button inserted into the browser interface that appears on the left corner of the video region, the video file starts to download to the user’s disk drive. The download progress appears now on a separate window, showing other usual buttons such as Start, Pause, and Stop, to monitor the download sequence.
Video Downloader will store the downloaded video files in the destination folder previously selected. Further video downloads will go to the last selected folder, unless the user changes it to another.
Normally, three simultaneous downloads can be accomplished at the same time. This amount can be changed by entering the Tools->Settings feature to set the maximum number of downloads up to 10.
The application includes a powerful 'Clear All' button, whose function is to clear all the existing downloaded tasks in the Download list, paused, waiting, completed or on error status.

The program supports Flash Video from YouTube, Google Video and MySpace.

Ignacio Solves
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  • Very simple application for downloading video files


  • The application works fine with MS Internet Explorer but it doesn't with Mozilla browser
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